About this blog


I'm Olli-Pekka Heinisuo. I used to write a blog on a site called Unknown Pixels mostly in Finnish between 2009-2015 (well, it was pretty much dead during the last two years) so some of you might already know me.

To you who don't know me yet: I'm a software developer and studying for master's degree in software engineering. I also write articles for a Finnish magazine called Mikrobitti (it's kind of the PCWorld of Finland) on an irregular basis.

I might do some photographing too although most of the time I have too many projects related to coding and electronics going on.

Unlike my previous blog which was a mix of everything, this blog will contain writings mostly about coding, DIY and other technology related things. Some of my old writings will be migrated here too and translated to English.

All pictures and photographs under relativity.fi are taken by me unless otherwise stated - kindly ask permission if you wan't to use them for some purpose.

I hope you enjoy and learn something new along the way :)